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Westwood One To Launch Jonathan Brandmeier Show

Jonathon Brandmeier
  • WLS 89 AM To Air
Westwood One has announced it has signed a partnership and syndication deal with popular Chicago radio personality Jonathon “Johnny B” Brandmeier that will bring his incomparable brand of talk radio back to Chicago and to listeners nationwide in March, 2015.

The Jonathon Brandmeier Show will air live weekdays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm ET on stations around the country, including WLS-AM Chicago, KABC-AM Los Angeles, KLIF-AM Dallas, KKAT-AM, Salt Lake City, WPRV-AM Providence, KTBL-AM Albuquerque, and many more.

The Jonathon Brandmeier Show is an entertaining, offbeat look at news, pop culture, and sports--from the big trending topics to the stories about to fall through the cracks--combined with celebrity interviews and free-wheeling audience interaction. The topical conversations seamlessly gel into three hours of dynamic and unpredictable radio.  Brandmeier has amassed a legion of devoted fans and an army of awards and accolades that cement his powerful industry reputation, including multiple Billboard Magazine Radio Personality Awards, TALKERS “100 Most Important Radio Hosts in America,” and Gavin Report’s “Air Personality of the Year.”

John Dickey, Executive Vice President of Content and Programming for Cumulus, said “Jonathon is one of the most versatile performers in radio today, and we know audiences will enjoy his lively humor and take on each day’s topics. We’re thrilled to add Johnny B to the Westwood One roster of relevant and relatable talk programming.”

Donna Baker, Cumulus Media Chicago Vice President and Market Manager, said Thursday in a statement: "Johnny B needs no introduction to the Chicago radio landscape; in fact, he is a huge part of that landscape. It's an honor for us to have Johnny, a leader in the talk radio field, on Chicago's talk leader. He will bring great energy, passion, and fun to our WLS listeners."

The 58-year-old Brandmeier adds, “This is extremely exciting for all of us at The Jonathon Brandmeier Show.  We look forward to continuing to entertain audiences in Chicago and expanding our reach nationwide.  Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a wild ride!”

Chicago Radio: Kass&Cohn OFF-AIR At WLS-AM

N/T WLS 890 AM Program Director Peter Bolger continues to tweak the talk line-up at the Big 89. Thursday, he told John Kass and Lauren Cohn that they were out after their 9am-11 morning show.  The change makes time for a new show by market vet Jonathan Brandmeier.  He's been signed by Westwood One for the new nationally syndicated show.

John Kass
Chicago Media writer Robert Feder first reported the sudden removal of Kass and Cohn from WLS which follows the ouster of Bruce Wolf and Dan Proft in mornings, and Roe Conn and Richard Roeper in afternoons. Earlier this week, WLS also dropped Bruce DuMont, whose “Beyond the Beltway” show aired Sunday nights.

Lauren Cohn
Kass, who is also a news columnist for the Chicago Tribune, began hosting middays on WLS in September 2012 with Jim Edwards (aka Jake Hartford). When Edwards died in January 2013, Kass was joined on the show by Lauren Cohn, a former Chicago television news anchor.

Cohn is going to audition as a cohost for the morning show with Big John Howell. which debuted last month on WLS. Kass is out.

Last month it was reported that 2014 was a disastrous year for Cumulus Media's WLS financially as revenue dropped a staggering 27.5 percent — from $13 million in 2013 to less than $9.5 million, according to figures compiled by Miller, Kaplan, Arase & Co. See Original Posting: Click Here

In the latest Nielsen Audio survey, middays on WLS tied for 24th with 1.3 percent share and cumulative weekly audience of 154,300. Among listeners between 25 and 54, middays tied for 32nd with a 0.7 share and 60,400 weekly cume.

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GOP Vows to Fight New Net Neutrality Rules

Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) vowed that congressional Republicans would continue plans to thwart the FCC's net neutrality rules approved Thursday. "More mandates and regulations on American innovation and entrepreneurship are not the answer," he said in a statement.

The rules would dramatically expand the FCC's oversight of the country's high-speed broadband providers, regulating them like a public utility in an attempt to make sure the web remains a level playing field. They were adopted by a 3-2 margin with only the commission's Republican members voting against them.

Under the rules, it will be illegal for companies such as Verizon or Cox Communications to slow down streaming videos, games and other online content traveling over their networks. They also will be prohibited from establishing "fast lanes" that speed up access to web sites that pay an extra fee.

And in an unprecedented move, the FCC could apply the rules to wireless carriers such as T-Mobile and Sprint - a nod to the rapid rise of smartphones and the mobile internet.

Senate Commerce Committee chair John Thune (R-SD) has floated the idea of blocking the rules through the appropriations process or through the Congressional Review Act. He also said Thursday "there will be some interest" in a resolution of disapproval. A group of 21 House Republicans on Thursday urged leadership to take up a resolution that would block the regs.

In response, On Verizon's policy blog Thursday, the company posted a statement in Morese Code,  titled "FCC's 'Throwback Thursday' move imposes 1930s rules on the Internet."  It reads in part:

- --- -.. .- -.-- .----. ...   -.. . -.-. .. ... .. --- -.   -... -.--   - .... .   ..-. -.-. -.-.   - ---   . -. -.-. ..- -- -... . .-.   -... .-. --- .- -.. -... .- -. -..   .. -. - . .-. -. . -   ... . .-. ...- .. -.-. . ...   .-- .. - ....   -... .- -.. .-.. -.--   .- -. - .. --.- ..- .- - . -..   .-. . --. ..- .-.. .- - .. --- -. ...   .. ...   .-   .-. .- -.. .. -.-. .- .-..   ... - . .--.   - .... .- -   .--. .-. . ... .- --. . ...   .-   - .. -- .   --- ..-.   ..- -. -.-. . .-. - .- .. -. - -.--   ..-. --- .-.   -.-. --- -. ... ..- -- . .-. ... --..--   .. -. -. --- ...- .- - --- .-. ...   .- -. -..   .. -. ...- . ... - --- .-. ... .-.-.-   --- ...- . .-.   - .... .   .--. .- ... -   - .-- ---   -.. . -.-. .- -.. . ...   .-   -... .. .--. .- .-. - .. ... .- -. --..--   .-.. .. --. .... - -....- - --- ..- -.-. ....   .--. --- .-.. .. -.-. -.--   .- .--. .--. .-. --- .- -.-. ....   ..- -. .-.. . .- ... .... . -..   ..- -. .--. .-. . -.-. . -.. . -. - . -..   .. -. ...- . ... - -- . -. -   .- -. -..   . -. .- -... .-.. . -..   - .... .   -... .-. --- .- -.. -... .- -. -..   .. -. - . .-. -. . -   .- --. .   -.-. --- -. ... ..- -- . .-. ...   -. --- .--   . -. .--- --- -.-- .-.-.-   - .... .   ..-. -.-. -.-.   - --- -.. .- -.--   -.-. .... --- ... .   - ---   -.-. .... .- -. --. .   - .... .   .-- .- -.--   - .... .   -.-. --- -- -- . .-. -.-. .. .- .-..   .. -. - . .-. -. . -   .... .- ...   --- .--. . .-. .- - . -..   ... .. -. -.-. .   .. - ...   -.-. .-. . .- - .. --- -. .-.-.-   -.-. .... .- -. --. .. -. --.   .-   .--. .-.. .- - ..-. --- .-. --   - .... .- -   .... .- ...   -... . . -.   ... ---   ... ..- -.-. -.-. . ... ... ..-. ..- .-..   ... .... --- ..- .-..

Translation of the full response:
“Today’s decision by the FCC to encumber broadband Internet services with badly antiquated regulations is a radical step that presages a time of uncertainty for consumers, innovators and investors. Over the past two decades a bipartisan, light- touch policy approach unleashed unprecedented investment and enabled the broadband Internet age consumers now enjoy. 
“The FCC today chose to change the way the commercial Internet has operated since its creation. Changing a platform that has been so successful should be done, if at all, only after careful policy analysis, full transparency, and by the legislature, which is constitutionally charged with determining policy. As a result, it is likely that history will judge today’s actions as misguided. 
“The FCC’s move is especially regrettable because it is wholly unnecessary. The FCC had targeted tools available to preserve an open Internet, but instead chose to use this order as an excuse to adopt 300- plus pages of broad and open- ended regulatory arcana that will have unintended negative consequences for consumers and various parts of the Internet ecosystem for years to come. 
“What has been and will remain constant before, during and after the existence of any regulations is Verizon’s commitment to an open Internet that provides consumers with competitive broadband choices and Internet access when, where, and how they want.”

Cameron, Hasselbeck To Host K-Love Fan Awards

Kirk Cameron and Fox News' Elizabeth Hasselbeck are joining forces at this year's K-LOVE Fan Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, on May 31.

Hasselbeck made the co-hosting announcement during a live taping of "Fox & Friends" on Thursday. The 2015 K-LOVE Fan Awards are set to take place at the Grand Ole Opry House. Being the only fan-voted awards show in Christian music history, Hasselbeck said she is honored to take part in hosting the K-LOVE Fan Awards.

Kirk Cameron
"K-LOVE has always had a positive, encouraging impact on my day, and I am thankful to be a part of this year's awards show," the news anchor said.

For his part, Cameron echoed Hasselbeck's sentiments and celebrated K-LOVE, a leading Christian music radio network with a weekly listenership of over 14 million people.

Elizabeth Hasslebeck
"I am very excited to be co-hosting the K-LOVE Fan Awards this year," the "Fireproof" star said in a statement. "I have heard a lot of great buzz on the event and am excited to come together with a great brand like K-LOVE to impact the culture through the arts."

Presented by Pepsi, the K-LOVE Fan Awards will recognize today's leaders in Christian music while also offering fans a package that includes tickets to the show, a three-night stay at Opryland, dinner with the K-LOVE staff and friends, a weekend kick-off concert, a late night event, two breakfasts, encouraging speakers, access to the K-LOVE Fan Zone and more.

Nominees at this year's K-LOVE ceremony include Chris Tomlin, Crowder, Jeremy Camp and Colton Dixon and more in the Male Artist of the Year category, while Female Artist of the Year nominations went to Kari Jobe, Natalie Grant, Plumb, Mandisa, Jamie Grace and more. Newsboys, Casting Crowns, Mercyme and For King & Country are also up for K-LOVE Fan Awards this year, among many more artists.

Benztown, Vipology To Provide Content-Rich Websites

Benztown Radio Networks announces that it has entered into an agreement with Los Angeles-based Vipology to market its high quality turnkey websites and social incentive programs to radio stations for barter.

Dave Denes
Vipology websites are mobile responsive and are known for their clean, contemporary look and feel, speed and ease of use. Vipology provides station websites with automated format-specific content every day to keep station sites vibrant, topical, relevant and engaging. The content includes: Music, Hollywood, and Sports reports accompanied by eye-catching licensed photos. In addition, Vipology websites include powerful advertising modules for instant ROI.  Vipology websites are priced at an affordable $99 per month, with no set-up fee.

Vipology Loyalty offers to stations an affordable mobile responsive, points-based social prize platform or “Turn Key Rewards”. The Vipology loyalty program is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter to generate social activities for station databases that stations can track, turning station databases into a social army and delivering station and advertiser messages for highest impact.

Dave “Chachi” Denes, President of Benztown Radio Networks said: “I had the pleasure of working with Vipology’s Tom Pinkus and Chris Peaslee a decade ago. I will never forget how impressed I was by their creativity, attitude and vision to foresee our industry’s need to embrace technology. When the opportunity arose to work with them again, I jumped at the chance! Every component of Vipology’s websites and social incentive programs is first class and brings stations a flexible, easy-to-manage and completely compelling online platform to engage listeners and deliver premium opportunities for advertisers.”

For more information, visit: or contact Masa Patterson at and at (818) 842-4600.

Luke Bryant Visits America's Morning Show

Chuck Wicks, Luke Bryan, Blair Garner
Luke Bryan returned to America's Morning Show Thursday morning at Cumulus' NASH Campus in Nashville for an acoustic performance of his latest #1 smash, "I See You."

CMG Appoints Rachel Williamson Director of Digital Revenue

Rachel Williamson
Cox Media Group (CMG) has named Rachel Williamson as its new Director of Digital Revenue Development.

In this role, Williamson will be focused on working with CMG’s 59 radio brands across the country to drive our digital revenue growth and integrated sales.

“We are very excited to have Rachel join our team,” said Jesse McCambridge, CMG’s Senior Director of Digital Solutions.  “We have experienced tremendous growth in digital across the company, and Rachel’s experience brings industry expertise and focus on integrated marketing solutions.”

Before joining CMG, Williamson was the Director of National Sales at Cumulus Radio managing national local spot business for more than 480 radio stations in over 95 markets. Additionally, she oversaw national and network digital sales as the Digital Specialist for the Midwest.  Other career highlights include six years with CMG as a Sr. Account Executive and Sales Manager at its previously-owned Louisville stations and as a Sr. Account Executive at Cox Digital Solutions (now known as Gamut) in New York.  She also has held positions with Arbitron/Nielsen covering Radio Sales in the Midwest, Hubbard Broadcasting Chicago, and Forever Communications.

“I’m truly looking forward to working with the great Cox Media Group Radio brands and being able to be able to utilize a diverse and best-in-class portfolio of Radio and digital assets to drive results for our advertisers,” said Williamson.

BFA To Honor Mel Kaemazin With Lowery Mays Award

Mel Karmazin
Mel Karmazin has been announced as the 2015 recipient of the Lowry Mays Excellence in Broadcasting Award that will be presented during The Broadcasters Foundation of America annual breakfast held at 7:00AM on Wednesday, April 15 during the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas.  This year, the Awards Breakfast moves to a new location, the Brahms Room in the Encore Hotel.

Recognized as an industry leader and innovator, Karmazin was the Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors of SiriusXM when he retired in 2013.  He held a similar position at Sirius Satellite Radio and oversaw the merger with XM Satellite Radio.  Before moving into satellite radio, Karmazin was President and Chief Operating Officer of Viacom, where he served on the Board of Directors and was responsible for all of Viacom's operations.  Previously, he served as President Chief Executive Officer, and member of the Board of Directors of CBS Corp., following a stint as its President and Chief Operating Officer.  Karmazin first joined CBS in January 1997 as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Radio, following the merger of Westinghouse/CBS and Infinity Broadcasting, where he had been President and Chief Executive Officer. Earlier in his career, Karmazin spent 10 years with Metromedia.

Karmazin is involved in numerous philanthropic ventures and has served on a number of boards throughout his career. Currently, he is a Trustee at NYU Langone Medical Center, a Board member and Executive Committee member of Autism Speaks, and Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of The Paley Center for Media. He was inducted into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame, and has received the National Association of Broadcasters’ National Radio Award and the IRTS Gold Medal Award.

The Lowry Mays Excellence in Broadcasting Award is bestowed annually on an individual in broadcasting whose work exemplifies innovation, community service, advocacy, and entrepreneurship.   It salutes its namesake Lowry Mays and is underwritten by The Mays Family Foundation.

The Broadcasters Foundation Breakfast is complimentary to all, thanks to the generosity of the sponsors:  Frank N. Magid Associates, Marketron, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), the National Association of Media Brokers (NAMB), Nielsen the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), and the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB).  To register, please contact the Foundation at 212-373-8250 or

Over the years, the Broadcasters Foundation has distributed millions of dollars to thousands of broadcasters and their families.  Individual membership is only $150 a year.  Individual donations can be made to the Guardian Fund, corporate contributions are accepted through the Angel Initiative, and bequests can be arranged through the Legacy Society.  To learn more or to donate, please contact the Broadcasters Foundation at 212-373-8250 or or visit

February 27 In Radio History

In 1891...David Sarnoff was born - a United States pioneer in Radio and TV. He eventually became the head of RCA Victor.

Throughout most of his career he led the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) in various capacities from shortly after its founding in 1919 until his retirement in 1970.

He ruled over an ever-growing telecommunications and consumer electronics empire that included both RCA and NBC, and became one of the largest companies in the world. Named a Reserve Brigadier General of the Signal Corps in 1945, Sarnoff thereafter was widely known as "The General."

Unlike many who were involved with early radio communications, viewing radio as point-to-point, Sarnoff saw the potential of radio as point-to-mass. One person (the broadcaster) could speak to many (the listeners).

When Owen D. Young of the General Electric Company arranged the purchase of American Marconi and turned it into the Radio Corporation of America, a radio patent monopoly, Sarnoff realized his dream and revived his proposal in a lengthy memo on the company's business and prospects. His superiors again ignored him but he contributed to the rising postwar radio boom by helping arrange for the broadcast of a heavyweight boxing match between Jack Dempsey and Georges Carpentier in July 1921. Up to 300,000 people heard the fight, and demand for home radio equipment bloomed that winter. By the spring of 1922 Sarnoff's prediction of popular demand for broadcasting had come true, and over the next eighteen months, he gained in stature and influence.

In 1926, RCA purchased its first radio station (WEAF, New York) and launched the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), the first radio network in America. Four years later, Sarnoff became president of RCA. NBC had by that time split into two networks, the Red and the Blue. The Blue Network later became ABC Radio.

Sarnoff was instrumental in building and established the AM broadcasting radio business which became the preeminent public radio standard for the majority of the 20th century. This was until FM broadcasting radio re-emerged in the 1960s despite Sarnoff's efforts to suppress it.

Sarnoff retired in 1970, at the age of 79, and died the following year, aged 80. He is interred in a mausoleum featuring a stained-glass vacuum tube in Kensico Cemetery in Valhalla, New York.

In 1922...Commerce Secretary, Herbert Hoover, convened the first National Radio Conference.

In 1940...In Actor Howard Hesseman, Dr. Johnny Fever of WKRP in Cincinnati was born.

In 1942...J. S. Hey discovered that the sun was emitting radiowaves.

Murray Kaufman
In 1965...Murray the K did his last show at WINS 1010 AM.

By the end of 1964, Murray found out that WINS was going to change to an all news format the following year. He resigned on the air in December 1964 (breaking news about the sale of the station and the change in format before the station and Group W released it) and did his last show on February 27 prior to the format change that occurred in April 1965.

A year later, in 1966, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruled that AM and FM radio stations could no longer simply simultaneously broadcast the same content, opening the door for Murray to become program director and primetime dj on WOR-FM — one of the first FM rock stations, soon airing such djs as Rosko and Scott Muni in the new FM format. Murray played long album cuts rather than singles, often playing groups of songs by one artist, or thematically linked songs, uninterrupted by commercials. He combined live in-studio interviews with folk-rock — he called it "attitude music" — and all forms of popular music in a free-form format. He played artists like Bob Dylan and Janis Ian, the long album versions of their songs that came to be known as the "FM cuts". Al Aronowitz quotes Murray as saying about this formula, "You didn't have to hype the record any more. The music was speaking for itself."

WOR switched to an oldies format and Murray the K left New York radio to host programs in Toronto - on CHUM -and on WHFS 102.3 FM in Bethesda, MD in 1972. He returned to New York after his short stint on WHFS on the weekend show NBC Monitor and as a fill-in morning dj, and then in 1972 moved to a regular evening weekend program on WNBC radio where Don Imus was broadcasting; he was joined there by the legendary Wolfman Jack, a year later.

Although it was low-key, Murray's WNBC show featured his own innovative trademark programming style, including telling stories that were illustrated by selected songs, his unique segues, and his pairing cuts by theme or idiosyncratic associations.  In early 1975, he was brought on for a brief stint at legendary Long Island alternative rock station WLIR, and his final New York radio show ran later that year on WKTU-FM after which — already in ill health — he moved to Los Angeles. The syndicated show Soundtrack of the 60s mentioned below was heard in New York City on WCBS-FM. Gary Owens succeeded Murray as its host.

In 1968...Singer Frankie Lymon, of the group Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, best known for their song, "Why Do Fools Fall in Love," died of a heroin overdose. He was 25.

In 1984...WRC-AM in Washington DC changes call letters to WWRC

In 2003...Fred Rogers, creator and host of the PBS children's TV show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, died. He was 74.

In 2008...Pittsburgh journalist/sportscaster/author/National Radio Hall of Famer Myron Cope, color commentator on Pittsburgh Steelers radio broadcasts for 35 years and inventor of the Terrible Towel, died of respiratory failure at age 79.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Big Brother Votes To Police The Web

UPDATED 1PM:  By a 3-2 vote, the FCC approved robust rules of the road for the Internet on Thursday, and Variety is reporting supporters believe will prevent conglomerates from consolidating control over the flow of online content, but that critics characterize as a huge regulatory overreach.

The FCC’s approach is one favored by many public interest groups, Hollywood content creators and a large number of web companies including Netflix and Twitter: It is reclassifying Internet service as a Title II telecommunications service, a regulatory designation akin to that of a utility.

The FCC’s move was intended to give it solid authority to impose rules over Internet service. They prohibit ISPs from blocking or throttling content, as well as from collecting payments from content providers for speedier access to their subscribers. The latter has been commonly referred to as the idea that ISPs would eventually create Internet “fast lanes.”

The sharply divided 3-2 vote on Thursday may not spell the end of a decade-long debate over net neutrality but a new period of contentiousness. The FCC’s approach is strongly opposed by cable and telecom companies which provide wired and wireless Internet service, along with congressional Republicans who have already launched hearings and inquiries into the FCC’s rulemaking. They say that the reclassification of the Internet will burden the industry with unnecessary regulation.

In unveiling his proposal earlier this month, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler even called them “the strongest open Internet protections ever proposed by the FCC.”

At the meeting, Wheeler said that the Internet was “simply too important to be left with out rules and a referee on the field…It is simply too important to allow broadband providers to be the ones making the rules.”

He said that the plan was no more a “secret plan to regulate the Internet,” as some critics have charged, than the First Amendment was an effort to regulate free speech.

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Radio's 2015 Digital Revenue Poised For Double-Digit Growth

The radio industry will crack the half-billion-dollar mark in digital advertising in 2015 for the first time, growing revenues 18%, according to new research issued by Borrell Associates on behalf of the Radio Advertising Bureau.

The report, Benchmarking: Local Radio Stations’ Online Revenues, shows that radio stations added or reassigned as many as 750 new employees to focus on digital ventures last year, causing revenues to grow 16% in 2014 according to Borrell Associates’ projections.  More than one-third of the radio managers surveyed indicated that they had at least one employee exclusively assigned to digital operations, up from 11% last year.  Also, over 33% of those surveyed said their stations were either: setting up a “digital agency,” planning to set one up soon, or already had one, Borrell reported.

The 3rd annual report is based on Borrell's ongoing industry-wide survey of more than 10,000 local online operations in the U.S. and Canada, including 2,996 radio stations in over 700 market clusters. Data from three principal sources was analyzed: digital ad revenue as reported by the stations, digital ad spending by local business, and a survey of 211 radio personnel with questions about digital revenue resources, sales methods, expenses and other digital operations.

Along with revenue benchmarking, the report offers insights into what radio managers are thinking with regard to their digital operations.  Among the findings:
  • Nearly two-thirds believe their sales reps are talking to the wrong buyers when trying to sell digital
  • 77% gave sales training a No. 1 or No. 2 priority in terms of what would boost their station digital sales the most
Gordon Borrell
"The radio industry is starting to develop some significant digital assets," said Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates. "The amount of digital staffers added in the past year, plus the continued strong belief by two-thirds of the managers that digital media holds ‘significant opportunity,’ is very encouraging."

Overall, radio sellers closed $494 million in digital advertising last year, up 16% from 2013 according to the report. For 2015, Borrell expects 18% growth, to $583 million. Radio managers are continuing to see great potential in the digital space and are focused on sales training to unlock it – 96% of them indicate that their sales teams could use more training on selling digital.

Erica Farber
“It’s important to look at all available revenue data in order to provide our industry members with additional market barometers,” said Erica Farber, President and CEO, RAB. “We’re making tremendous strides in Radio’s digital growth; and this survey continues to provide us with areas to focus on and invest in to truly maximize this revenue stream.”

Farber also noted, “Its evident sales managers are looking for ongoing training for their sales staffs and a better understanding of the digital advertising marketplace.

The RAB is poised to help in this area through our professional development programs and business development efforts.”

Liberty Media Touts Strong Performance By SiriusXM

  • Subscriber base grew to 27.3M
Liberty Media issued its earnings report for the fourth quarter of 2014 on Wednesday, revealing an increase in revenues over the equivalent quarter in 2013.

Liberty, which owns interests in companies including SiriusXM Holdings and Live Nation Entertainment, also reported $1.095 billion in earnings,versus $1.025 billion in the fourth quarter of 2013.

According to The Wrap, that put the company right in line with the predictions of analysts, who had forecast that the company would report revenues in the $1.09 billion range.

The company touted a strong fourth quarter for SiriusXM, which Liberty owns a 56.7 percent ownership stake in as of Feb. 3, and whose subscriber base grew to 27.3 million in 2014.

“Once again, SiriusXM posted record results for the fourth quarter and full year. Subscriber growth in the fourth quarter was a particular highlight, marking the largest fourth quarter increase since 2007. SiriusXM enters 2015 with a strong trial funnel, an unmatched offering of exclusive content and focused on the opportunities around a future connected car environment,” said Greg Maffei, president and CEO of Liberty Media

Nashville Radio: iHM Gives Michael Bryan New Title

Michael Bryan
iHeartMedia/Nashville Operations Manager and WSIX 97.9 FM Big98 Program Director Michael Bryan has been given a new title: Senior VP/Programming.

Bryan will also become Executive PD of Premiere Networks-syndicated "Bobby Bones Show" and "Tige & Daniel" shows. Bryan joined the Nashville five-station cluster in 2012 as OM.

Prior to joining the Nashville cluster, Bryan served as Digital Program Director for Clear Channel/Orlando and Program Director of Top40 WXXL 106.7 FM in Orlando.

Bryan said, "Great programming is built on connecting incredible personalities with our collective audience. It's a true privilege to lead such legendary brands in Nashville. I can't think of a bigger honor than getting the opportunity to work more closely with both The Bobby Bones Show and Tige and Daniel."

"Michael's incredibly intuitive programming ability and top-notch leadership qualities make this a very well-deserved promotion," says Nashville VP/MM Dan Endom.

Memphis Radio: Flinn Goes From 'Boom' To Bumpin'

Flinn Broadcasting has rebranded its Classic HipHop format in the Memphis market after a lawsuit filed by Radio for it's use of the trademarked 'Boom' brand.

Flinn is now using "Bumpin' 96' on its WIVG 96.1 FM and WOFX 96.3 FM in the Memphis-area

Meanwhile, a Federal judge has granted Radio One's request for a permanent injunction preventing Flinn Broadcasting from using Radio One's trademarked term "Boom" on its radio stations.

Radio One has been using the trademarked slogan "Boom" since October of 2014 on the Throwback/Classic Hip Hop stations the company launched in Houston, Philadelphia, Dallas and Atlanta.

See Original Posting: Click Here

Radio One, Inc. subsequently filed suit against Flinn, alleging trademark infringement, false designation of origin, deceptive acts and practices and unfair competition over the use of the "Boom" name.

Salem Media Group Signs Eric Metaxas For New Daily Show

Eric Metaxas
Salem Media Group has announced  that its newest talk show host will be noted author, columnist, speaker and TV personality Eric Metaxas. Eric will be joining Salem Radio Network on Monday, April 20th with a new afternoon talk show. The two-hour program will air live weekday afternoons 2pm to 4pm ET.

"We are extremely enthusiastic to have Eric join the Salem platform," said Phil Boyce, Senior Vice President of Salem Radio Network.  "I have tried to get Eric to join us for two years, and this opportunity seemed to be a perfect match.  He'll do a great show every day that will inspire listeners and help stations grow their audience."

Eric Metaxas is a #1 New York Times bestselling author known for mobilizing people to ask bigger questions and live more meaningful lives. His smash best-seller Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet Spy is ranked #21 by Amazon in "most highlighted books of all time," and his books have been translated into more than twenty languages. Eric created a national stir in 2012 when his keynote address at the National Prayer Breakfast created a tidal wave of support and his recent Wall Street Journal article "Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God" is the most popular article ever published at the WSJ online. Eric lives in Manhattan with his wife and family and will broadcast the daily program from Salem Radio Network studios in the Empire State Building.

"I've waited for the right opportunity, and this is it," said Eric. "Stu Epperson, Ed Atsinger, Dave Santrella, Phil Boyce, Hugh Hewitt, and Dennis Prager and all the rest are names I've revered for years. To be a part of what they are doing is an honor and a privilege. What's more, it will be fun and I'm champing at the bit to get started."

"In our continuing efforts to add value to all of our platforms, we are delighted to have Eric Metaxas join us to create a new and exciting daily radio program that will be entertaining, enlightening, and will truly make a difference," said Salem Media Group CEO, Ed Atsinger.

"Our goal is to create a great talk program that Christian stations will feel proud to carry, but could also be a true cross-over to the News Talk arena," said Dave Santrella, Salem President of Broadcast Media.

Detroit Radio: Dave Shore Named New PD For WMGC

Dave Shore
Greater Media has announced Dave Shore has been named as the new program director at Detroit Sports WMGC 105.1 FM in the Motor City. He will begin his new position on Monday, March 23, 2015.

“Dave’s experience in overseeing sports radio in major markets like LA, along with his relationship with the Lakers made him the perfect choice to lead the Detroit Sports 105.1 team,” said Steve Chessare, vice president and market manager of Greater Media Detroit. “We are absolutely thrilled to have him help us take the station to the next level.”

Shore most recently served as the operations manager of ESPN Radio’s KSPN 710 AM/ ESPN LA, where he was responsible for overseeing  daily operations and special events, as well as managing team relationships for the past four years. In addition,Shore was heard on the  air as the pre-game host of the Los Angeles Lakers broadcasts.

Prior to that, he worked for Capitol Broadcasting in North Carolina,where Shore launched 99.9 FM/The Fan in 2007, as well as managed AM Sports sister stations 620The Buzz and 1550 ESPN Desportes.

He also served as the sports director and talk show host/reporter for seven years at ESPN Radio’s 103.3FM in Dallas. Texas. While there, he hosted the pre-game show as well as did side-line reporting for both radio and television for the NBA Dallas Mavericks broadcast team.

In addition to continuing to work sidelines for ESPN Radio’s national college football radio coverage, he did TV play by play for Bob Knight’s last four years coaching at Texas Tech. The broadcasting veteran has also worked in Portland,Oregon, Lexington, Kentucky and Evansville,Indiana.

Radiodays Europe To Host US Talent Experts

Elvis Duran, one of America’s most popular radio personalities, is a headliner at this year’s Radiodays Europe in Milan, Italy.  Duran will take the stage and pull back the curtain on the Z-100 Morning Show which is based in New York and heard in 70 markets across the country. Duran is excited for the opportunity, “I'm honored to be participating in this event. This is a great chance to show how connected we all are through the power of radio.”

Joining him on stage is the Vice President of Talent Development for iHeartMedia, Dennis Clark. Dennis’ role is to nurture the best and most talented radio people in the industry and he works directly with key radio personalities, such as Duran and Ryan Seacrest. They’ll discuss how to create a show that consistently delivers huge audiences, and will reveal the ingredients that makes Elvis Duran the most listened to Top 40 Morning Show in the states.

The U.S. radio industry will be well represented at this year’s Radiodays Europe. Here are just some of the other notable U.S. presenters and workshop leaders making the pilgrimage to Milan March 15-17.
  • Anna Sale, producer at WNYC, is leading a session on “Death, Sex and Money; How to Start and Succeed with Podcasting.”
  • David G. Hall, media strategist, is presenting a session titled, “Five Simple Tools to Make Your Show Better.”
  • Larry Gifford, programming & talent consultant, is co-presenting the “30 Ideas in 45 Minutes” session and is a leader at the “Fast & Furious” workshop.
  • John Vorhaus, creative consultant, is leading a workshop on “Your Radio Brand” and presenting a session on “How to be Funny When You’re Not.”
  • Steve Jones, music industry veteran, is hosting the session, “Be Like a Rock Star!”
  • Larry Rosin, Edison Research, is diving deep into the “Stream Battle.”
  • Marty Garrison, VP Technology for NPR, is co-presenting “What if Technology Was Your Best Friend After All.”
  • Joel Sucherman, Sr. Dir. Digital Developments for NPR, will discuss “Mobile Apps; More Than Just Live Radio.”
  • Dennis Clark, VP Talent Development for iHeartMedia, is presenting a session on “Making Radio Personalities Relevant in 2015.”
  • Warren Kurtzman, President & COO of Coleman Insights, is discussing, “Aristotelian Dramaturgy - How to Create Compelling Personality-Driven Content.”
  • Bryce Clemmer, CEO of Vadio, is co-presenting a session on “Radio Worth Watching.”
  • Rob Green, VP of Streaming for WideOrbit, is presenting “From Linear to Digital.”
The complete list of sessions and speakers and ticket information for Radiodays Europe is available at

Launched in 2010, Radiodays Europe is the largest and most important international radio conference in the world. It is also considered to be the best with high quality content, great speakers and a huge program with over 100 speakers in 55 sessions over 2½ days. In 2014, it attracted 1300 delegates from over 60 countries.

NOLA Radio: ExTalk Host Jennifer Gaubert Avoids Jail

Jennifer Gaubert
A New Orleans attorney and former radio personality avoided jail time Wednesday in a bizarre case in which she was accused of filing a bogus police report against a taxi driver who filmed her making sexual advances in his cab.

The lawyer, Jennifer Gaubert, faced up to six months in jail for criminal mischief — a lesser offense she was convicted of last month after standing trial on the felony charge of making a false statement. But Criminal District Court Judge Arthur Hunter, who handled the proceedings without a jury, sentenced Gaubert to a suspended sentence of one day in Orleans Parish Prison and one day of probation.

The sentence capped a saga that began in April 2012 with Gaubert’s drunken cab ride to Lakeview from Galatoire’s restaurant on Bourbon Street, where she had enjoyed several drinks during a three-hour lunch.

The cab driver, Hervey Farrell, shot a cellphone video, since published online, in which Gaubert, having climbed into the front seat, pleads for sex while exposing her genitals to him.

Chicago Radio: WMVP, MLS Fire Renew Partnership

The Chicago Fire Soccer Club announced Wednesday that the club has renewed its partnership for two years with WMVP 1000 AM ESPN Chicago and will continue to broadcast the live, weekly Fire-themed soccer show beginning on Saturday, Feb. 28 at 7 a.m. CT. Returning hosts Fred Huebner and Kevin Egan will be joined in the booth by former U.S. Women’s National Team defender Danielle Slaton to anchor “Chicago Fire Weekly” presented by The PrivateBank.

“It’s a great opportunity for the club to continue this weekly radio show, allowing our fans another unique outlet to enjoy Fire coverage,” said Fire COO Atul Khosla. “The partnership with ESPN Radio allows us to keep reaching a wider audience and continue to engage with soccer fans in the Chicagoland area.”

"Chicago Fire Weekly" presented by The PrivateBank will continue its live, one-hour show covering the Chicago Fire and other soccer news from around MLS and the world. The show is scheduled to run for 33 weeks in 2015, beginning on Feb. 28 with an option to extend the show through the MLS playoffs. All shows will also be available via live streaming at, as well as via downloadable podcast.

“ESPN Chicago is pleased to renew our partnership with the Chicago Fire Soccer Club,” said ESPN Chicago Vice President and General Manager John E. Cravens. “'Chicago Fire Weekly' will continue to air on Saturday mornings where fans will be updated and entertained on Chicago Fire team happenings.”

Cousin Brucie To Host British Invasion Special On SiriusXM

Bruce Morrow
Several of the stars of the British Invasion 2015 Tour -- Denny Laine from Paul McCartney and Wings, Chad & Jeremy, Billy J. Kramer, Mike Pender of the Searchers and Terry Sylvester of the Hollies -- performed at the Hard Rock Cafe Times Square Feb. 24 to tape a new radio specialm according to The Eximiner.

The special for Sirius/XM Satellite Radio is titled “Cousin Brucie Presents the British Invasion Stars.”

The show was emceed by veteran disc jockey Cousin Bruce Morrow of Sirius/XM Radio. who hosts “Crusin' With Cousin Brucie” and “Cousin Brucie's Saturday Rock 'n' Roll Party” for SiriusXM.

Though Sirius/XM often tapes at their studios, this special was taped at the Hard Rock Times Square, which stands on the site of the former Paramount Theater.

According to British Invasion tour producer Keith Putney, the show was done before an invited audience.

The taping lasted roughly an hour and 20 minutes, and included extensive interviews with each artist about their musical influences. Terry Sylvester told Morrow he was influenced by the Everly Brothers and the first record he ever bought was Elvis Presley's “Hound Dog”/“Don't Be Cruel.”

Denny Laine said his big influence was Lonnie Donnegan's recording of “Wabash Cannonball,” while Chad & Jeremy cited Josh White. The show will premiere 5 p.m ET Friday (Feb.27) and will be repeated at 1 p.m. ET Sunday.

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Billings Radio: Livin' Large Larry Freezin' For A Reason

A two-year old awaiting heart surgery has inspired the sixth annual "Freezin' for a Reason."

Billings morning personality Livin' Large Larry was not planing this year's event until he heard about Malachi Hosa.

Malichi turns three on Friday and already has had two open heart surgeries.

Livin' Large Larrry hosts the Billings Morning News on NewsTalk KCHH 95.5 FM.

He's camping out for three nights in the Stockman Bank parking lot on King Avenue West.

Larry says he knows what it's like to receive help in overcoming a medical issue.

"Out of six years of doing this, this is the first time I've talked about this part," Larry said. "I had cancer 18 years ago and my kids were three years old and six months old at that time, and I vowed that when I beat my disease, I would come back and be that radio guy that just gives back, gives back. My wife will tell you a longer version of that story, but in a nutshell, that's why I do Freezin' for a Reason, to be quite honest with you."

He started this year's fundraiser at 5pm Wednesday - and he'll stay out until 5pm Friday.

R.I.P. Former WDAY Fargo Morning Host Earl Williams

Earl Williams
Earl Williams, co-host of “The Earl and Don Show” on WDAY 970 AM radio, kept listeners laughing from the late 1960s to 1981 has died from the effects of a stroke.

He was 79-years-of-age, according to Inforum.

Whether your radio was tuned to WDAY, or you met Williams at a coffee shop, you’d know him as the man with the wit that wouldn’t quit.

“Earl was the kind of guy, who you always walked away from smiling and laughing. He always had a funny story,” said Larry Gauper, a copy writer and radio commercial producer for WDAY from 1967 to 1975.

“Every time you’d see a group of people (at WDAY), and they’d be standing around in a circle and they’d be laughing and roaring, I’d go over there and there would be Earl, telling a story,” Gauper said.

He began his radio career May 15, 1954, in Glendive, Mont., at KXGN. Williams also worked at radio stations WJON and KKAM in St. Cloud, Minn., and at KOVC Radio in Valley City, N.D., before moving to Fargo in 1965. He worked for a time at KXGO radio in Fargo, before joining WDAY.

Williams ended his run on the WDAY morning show in 1981, returning to the air at Fargo’s KVOX 1280 AM in April 1983.

Williams worked in radio until 1986.

February 26 Radio History

In 1932...Hall of Fame singer/guitarist Johnny Cash was born on this day in 1932. He died Sept. 12, 2003 at 71.

In 1951...WMCA FM changed call letters to WHOM FM in NYC

According to NYC City FM History, the station, purchased by WHOM 1480 AM, initially featured a foreign-language format of 13 languages, including some not widely spoken ones such as Swiss-German, Carpatho-Ruthenian, Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish and Chinese.

In August 1961, WHOM-FM began a syndicated classical music format under the "Heritage" name. This continued until June 15, 1962 when WHOM-FM began simulcasting the mostly Spanish programming from WHOM-AM.

Charles Baltin, VP of WHOM, noted the many Spanish-speaking listeners moving to New York and said the "WHOM-FM signal will extend farther than the WHOM-AM signal, providing listeners with a radio service they could not otherwise obtain." The simulcast continued until 1970, when the FCC refused an extension of its permit to simulcast the AM.

The station then started broadcasting the "Romantic Sounds Of Stereo," a Latin-type beautiful music program service with Spanish and English announcers, but continued to simulcast the AM station from 5a-9a and all day Sunday.

By 1975, the station had evolved into a Pop/Rock leaning AC format, with calls of WKTU.

On July 24, 1978, WKTU abruptly switched to an "All Disco" format as "Disco 92", which eventually evolved into more of a Rhythmic CHR by the Fall of 1979.

In the summer of 1984, WKTU became a mainstream CHR.

Then, in July of 1985, after airing the Live Aid concert, the station switched to a mainstream AOR format, featuring new and classic rock as WXRK "K-Rock".

In September 1985, Howard Stern (who had been fired from WNBC earlier that year) joined the station, initially for afternoons and in early 1986 switched to mornings.

In 1987, WXRK had instituted a classic rock format and on January 5, 1996, evolved into an alternative/active rock format.

On April 4, 2005, WXRK debuted a mainstream rock format, encompassing music from the 60's to today.

Howard Stern
On December 16, 2005, Howard Stern broadcasted his last show on the station, before his anticipated move to Sirius Satellite Radio on January 9, 2006.

On January 3, 2006, 92.3 became an "all-talk" station (with the exception of weekends when it features a rock format) using the "Free FM" slogan and featuring David Lee Roth in mornings.
Calls were officially changed to WFNY on January 1.

In April 2006, David Lee Roth was replaced with Opie & Anthony.

On May 24, 2007 at 5pm, "K-Rock" returned to 92.3.

Calls were changed back to WXRK on May 31, 2007.

On March 11, 2009, 92.3 switched to a CHR format as "92.3 Now FM", with the "K-Rock" format moving to 92.3's HD2 channel.

92.3 changed calls to WNOW on November 8, 2012.

On May 22, 2014 at 2pm, 92.3 re-branded themselves as "92.3 AMP."

Calls changed to WBMP on June 23, 2014.

In 1954...Michigan rep Ruth Thompson (R) introduces legislation to ban mailing "obscene, lewd, lascivious or filthy" phonograph (rock & roll) records

In 1955…Billboard magazine reported that 45-RPM singles were outselling 78s for the first time. The number 45 came from taking 78 and subtracting Columbia's 33 rpm. RCA introduced the first 45 on March 31, 1949. The first 45 to hit the Billboard charts was "'A'-You're Adorable" by Perry Como with the Fontane Sisters on May 7, 1949.

In 1966..."These Boots are Made for Walkin'" by Nancy Sinatra peaked at Number One on the pop singles chart.

In 1970...Beatles release "Beatles Again" aka "Hey Jude" album

In 1973...WHN 1050 AM NYC changed to country music. After researching the market, Storer converted WHN to a country format in 1973. Mutual bought WHN in the late 1980s. WYNY- FM  flipped to country from 1980 to 1984, hurting WHN’s ratings.

Doubleday Broadcasting bought WHN in 1985, and Emmis Communications bought it the following year. Emmis added sports talk in the evenings, keeping the country format during the day.

In 1987, Emmis announced WHN would become all-sports WFAN.  When Emmis purchased NBC’s New York radio stations in 1988, the company moved WFAN from 1050 AM to 660 AM, formerly occupied WNBC.

Spanish Broadcasting System purchased the 1050 AM license and became WUKQ, a Spanish Adult Contemporary station.  Spanish Broadcasting System wanted to swap 1050 AM with cash for the Jewish Daily Forward’s FM station, WEVD 97.9 FM.  The deal was approved in 1989.

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 WEVD’s call letters and programming moved to the 1050 AM frequency.  The station mainly carried a brokered format of ethnic programs, talk shows and foreign-language programming.  By the mid-1990s, WEVD moved to a left-leaning news-talk format.

An agreement with ABC/Disney brought ESPN’s “The Dan Patrick Show” to WEVD in 2001.  On September 2, 2001, WEVD became “1050 ESPN Radio.”

The call letters were changed to WEPN in 2003, competing directly with WFAN’s all-sports format.  In 2012, WEPN’s programming moved to 98.7 FM.  ESPN Deportes later moved the 1050 AM frequency.

In 1976...Jay Reynolds does last show at 77 WABC NYC almost 6-years to the date when he started.

In 1983...Michael Jackson's Thriller hit Number One on the U.S. album chart, where it stayed for 37 weeks on its way to selling more than 40 million copies worldwide.

In 2006...Radio personality Jack Lazare died

Jack Lazare
In the 1950s heyday of Big Bands, Lazare was host of the popular "Milkman's Matinee'' on WNEW in New York. His studio guests included Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Benny Goodman. Lazare's radio career later took him to Boston, hosting "Music 'til Dawn'' on WEEI, and ``Sounds in the Night'' and a talk show on WHDH.

Born in New York City, Lazare studied communications at the University of California at Berkeley. After serving in the Navy as a pilot, he went on to become executive producer of programming for the Voice of America, supervising 17 Southeast Asia language desks.

As an actor, Lazare was in the film ``See How She Runs,'' starring Joanne Woodward, and ``The Defection of Simas Kudirka,'' starring Alan Arkin.

The New England representative for the Screen Actors Guild of America, Lazare moved to Essex in 1985 and purchased a Meriden-based radio station, WMMW. He also worked in Farmington as program director for WRCH-WNEZ.

In 2011…Longtime Kansas City broadcaster Bill Grigsby, for 46 years the radio play-by-play voice of the National Football League's Chiefs, died after a fall while being treated for prostate cancer at age 89.

In 2013...Kelly Ford and Jesse Andy started at WNSH  94.7 FM

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Five Inductees Named To Country Radio HOF

CRB has unveiled five new inductees for the Class of 2015 Country Radio Hall of Fame.  They were announced Wednesday during the opening of the Country Radio Seminar.

The inductees are:

Sammy George
Sammy George:
During his 38-year career in radio, he has handled virtually every position inside a radio station, including on-air-personality, Program Director, News Reporter, sports play-by-play announcer, Sales Executive and Director of Sales.

His final 22 years in the radio business saw George serve as GM/Market Manager for WUSY/CHATTANOOGA, where he led the station to 73 consecutive #1 rating books, nine CMA Station of the Year awards, two ACM Station of the Year trophies, NAB Crystal and Marconi Awards, plus an eight-year run as the Chattanooga Times-Free Press Readers’ Choice Award for Best Local Radio Station.

Mike Kennedy
Mike Kennedy:
For Kennedy radio bug started in 1976 while attending high school in Emporaia, KS, landing a job at KVOE. He continued pursuing the business while attending college, earning degrees in Broadcasting and Business.

In 1984, he became the youngest station owner in the US with his purchase of WFXI in Haines City, FL. He rejoined KVOE in 1985 for mornings, sales, and play-by-play duties, and then moved to KEGS in Emporia where he assumed GM duties. A three-year stint at Top40 KXXR followed, prior to his joining KBEQ in Kansas City in 1991. In 1993, he oversaw the station’s move from Top 40 to Country as PD/Morning personality, positions he continues to hold today.

Joel Raab
Joel Raab:
He began his radio career as a 15-year old air personality at WTHE/Long Island, NY.

After serving as Air Talent/Student GM for Northwestern University's WNUR, Raab went on to programming and on-air positions in Pittsburgh, Cleveland and New York.

For the past 30 years, he has successfully consulted more than 200 Country stations spanning all market sizes while working for broadcast companies such as CBS Radio, Entercom, Greater Media, Journal Broadcasting, Saga and many others.

Randy Carroll
Randy Carroll:
During his 32 years with KAJA/SAN ANTONIO, which nearly equals the station’s tenure as a Country outlet, Randy Carroll has been a mainstay in mornings for San Antonio country radio listeners.

Carroll also doubled as KAJA PD for many years and is already a member of the San Antonion Hall of Fame.

During his time at KAJA, he has received multiple nominations for personality of the year honors from the ACM and CMA, winning the ACM trophy in 2012 with his on-air partner, Jamie Martin.

Karen Dallesandro
Karen Dallesandro:
At 19-years-of-age, her  radio career began as the midday host at WSDS-AM/Ypsilanti, MI. She eventually landed mornings at WYCD in Detroit, then afternoons at crosstown WWWW.

In 1998, Dallesandro shifted to WMIL/MILWAUKEE for mornings, where she has since remained, co-hosting the “Karen, Scott & Radar” morning show. In 2001, the show was honored with a CMA Broadcast Personality of the Year award. She has contributed to her community, forming her “Karen’s Check Up For Chicks” campaign, which has provided mammogram screenings for hundreds of woman in Southeast Wisconsin.

“The Hall of Fame selection committee clearly did its homework here, evaluating a large and impressive slate of candidates before voting in these five deserving honorees for 2015,” said HOF Chairman RJ Curtis.

“The inductees for the Radio and On-Air categories represent many years of service and countless contributions to the Country radio/music industry, per the criteria for this distinction. I thank the committee, and congratulate the Country Radio Hall of Fame, Class of 2015.  We look forward to a wonderful night on June 24th in Nashvillr when we formally induct these groundbreaking Country broadcasters.”

The Country Radio HOF is dedicated to the recognition of those individuals who have made significant contributions to the radio industry over a 20-year period, 15 of which must be in the Country format.

The annual HOF and dinner is set for June 24th, at the Omni Hotel in Nashville.

For ticket information: Click Here